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20th Anniversary of the Federation Alzheimer Galicia

The Alzheimer Federation Galicia celebrates its 20 years of history this year. It was constituted in May 1998, formed by the four associations of relatives of Alzheimer's patients existing at the time: AGADEA, AFAGA, AFACO and AFAOR. During the first years of life of the federation, associations from other parts of Galicia were joined, reaching its tenth anniversary with a total of 10 associations, after the incorporations of AFAMO, AFAL Ferrolterra, AFAMON, AFALU, AFABER, AFAPO and AFACHANTADA.

Actualmente, está compuesta por 13 asociaciones (AFA Viveiro y AFASAL), que suman más de 5.000 familias, y prestan servicios a través de más de 300 profesionales del sector socio-sanitario a cerca del 80% de la población gallega, y es la entidad de referencia en Galicia en materia de alzhéimer y otras demencias neurodegenerativas.

During these 20 years of history, the association sector of Alzheimer's in Galicia achieved great achievements, which resulted in better care for people with Alzheimer's or other neurodegenerative dementia, and better training for both socio-health professionals and carers. It is 20 years of work to defend, together with our associations, the rights of people with Alzheimer's and their families.

Thus we can highlight a series of projects that were launched in these twenty years thanks to the entities of Alzheimer's of Galicia and the support of public and private organizations:


Through the following timeline, you can take a tour of the most outstanding events of these twenty years of the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia.

20 Years: Making Paths, Remembering

In order to value the work done in these twenty years, FAGAL wants to commemorate this date under the motto "20 Years: Making Paths, Remembering" . This motto is born in clear reference to the different projects launched in the twenty years of life of the entity, with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life of people affected by Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias and their families and caregivers .

During the year 2018 from the Federation Alzheimer Galicia wants to do a retrospective of the twenty years of the entity through its protagonists, those people who are or were part of FAGAL in these years: managers, workers, volunteers and beneficiaries of the programs.

Also, as the central act of this 20th Anniversary of FAGAL, on September 22 will be held a SOLIDARITY EVENT that will gather in Santiago de Compostela all those people essential for the development of the federation during all this time: representatives and workers of the associations; relatives of people with Alzheimer's; Public administrations; Entities of the Third Sector; and representatives of private entities that support and collaborate with FAGAL.

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