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Recetas para el Recuerdo
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Working Group on Dementia

Conference on aging and dementias in Galicia

Conference on aging and dementias in Galicia
With the aim of offering a complete vision of the impact of dementias in Galicia, the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia and the Economic and Social Council of Galicia organize on the 24th of September at the CES headquarters a conference on Aging and Dementia in our territory.

Starting at 9:30h , various social agents will present during this 5-hours a global view of this disease that affects around 100,000 people in Galicia, from its socio-health approach to demographic aspects, economic and labor.

20th Anniversary Gala of the Federation Alzheimer Galicia

20th Anniversary Gala of the Federation Alzheimer Galicia
On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia, a solidarity gala will take place in Santiago de Compostela to all those people essential for the development of the federation during all this time: political leaders; representatives and workers of associations; relatives of people with Alzheimer's; representatives of the entities of the Third Sector; and representatives of private entities that support and collaborate with FAGAL.

The date chosen for this Gala will be the day after the commemoration of World Alzheimer's Day, Saturday 22nd September at 8pm . The venue chosen for the celebration of this event is the Sala Mozart, in the Auditorium of Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela.

The actress Lucía Regueiro will be in charge of presenting the event. During the gala the attendees can see the work of FAGAL through different videos, which will show both the evolution of the federation in interview format as well as the project "Life Stories", in which the vision of the caregivers respect their experiences in the care of people with Alzheimer. In addition, the event will feature speeches by political figures and representatives of FAGAL, ​​together with the FAGAL 2018 Prize. To complete this gala, there will be music performances by Tania Fuegho, Silvia Penide and Fran Allo

Solidarity Route "Recipes for Remembrance"

Solidarity Route "Recipes for Remembrance"

Last April, the saffron company POTE presented the book 'Recipes for the memory', a beautiful editorial initiative that recovers twelve traditional dishes selected from the testimonies provided by twelve women with Alzheimer's. The objective is to provide visibility to this harsh degenerative disease, to support patients and their families and to return the affection deposited in the brand over many years. The profits obtained from the sale of the book (€ 15), in which the Galician cook Yayo Daporta has also collaborated interpreting the recipes, will be entirely destined to FAGAL (Federación Alzheimer Galicia) and its associations.

Now, nine Madrid restaurants join the cause and, to put the focus on World Alzheimer's Day, have organized a charitable route: each participating local has chosen a recipe from the book, which can be tested during the weekend of September 21 to September 23 . The amount collected for these dishes will be donated to FAGAL and its associations.


One of the tastiest recipes contained in the book are the noodles with clams, contributed by Josefa Iglesias. It can be tasted in La Bien Aparecida, one of the restaurants of Paco Quirós (Jorge Juan, 8.); also in La Vaquería Montañesa (Blanca de Navarra, 8), directed by Carlos Zamora; in the rotisserie-steakhouse of Grupo Oter Nuevo Gerardo (Avenida de Alberto de Alcocer, 46.) and in Ramses (Plaza de la Independencia, 4.), in front of the Puerta de Alcalá.

In Xanverí (Zurbarán, 18) the chef César Anca will show off his specialty, rice, in this case with poultry and vegetables, recipe of Dolores Bermúdez, 90 years old; and at TATEL Madrid (Paseo de la Castellana, 36) they will present the clams to the fishermen of Mrs. Trinidad Iglesias. Two more informal recipes form the proposal of Tripea (Vallehermoso, 36. Mercado de Vallehermoso), with a pie of cod corn, and the Tavern Skull St. (Barquillo, 8), which will offer some stuffed choupas.

Sociosanitary Conference (VI International Congress of Research and Innovation in Neurodegenerative Diseases)

Sociosanitary Conference (VI International Congress of Research and Innovation in Neurodegenerative Diseases)
During this month of September, the VI International Congress of Research and Innovation in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CiiiEN) will be held in Santiago de Compostela, organized by the CIEN Foundation, CIBERNED and the Reina Sofia Foundation. This congress will be held on 19, 20 and 21 in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

In addition to this, the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia will be the protagonist of the I National symposium "Socio-health research in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias" that will be held on the same site on September 18, organized by CEAFA and the CRE Alzheimer.

Thus, at a conference moderated by the Social Worker Isabel Redondo Zambrano, under the title "Practical application of innovative initiatives. The Federation Alzhéimer Galicia as a privileged actor ", the President of FAGAL, ​​Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez; the Coordinator of the Technical Office of the federation, Javier Hermida; and the Occupational Therapist of AFAL Ferrolterra and Coordinator of the Manual of Occupational Therapy of FAGAL, ​​Noelia Ríos, will be in charge of showing innovative projects launched by the federation in recent years.

Press Conference "World Alzheimer's Day 2018"

Press Conference "World Alzheimer's Day 2018"
The Federation Alzheimer Galicia organizes a press conference to present the campaign for World Alzheimer's Day 2018, with the idea of ​​spreading days before September 21 all the activities planned by FAGAL and the 13 Galician associations, especially the related to the 20th Anniversary of the federation. During the event, there will be a tour of the claims that, from Galician entities working for people with Alzheimer's, we want to make visible to society and, more specifically, to administrations.

To complement this press conference, members of the Galician Network of Research in Dementia (REGIDEM) will be invited, an initiative that is being launched by various Research Groups in dementia of Galicia, and which will comment on the progress made in this last year.

The press conference will be on Tuesday, September 11 at 12:30 in the assembly hall of the headquarters of Afundación , on the Rúa do Vilar in Santiago de Compostela.

Exhibition "CapacitARTE: This is how we are, we do it like this"

Exhibition "CapacitARTE: This is how we are, we do it like this"
Last year, the CERMI Galicia, entity of which the Federation Alzheimer Galicia is part, launched in collaboration with the Regional Department of Social Policy and the Directorate General of Seniors and Disabled Persons of the project "CAPACITARTE: This is how we are, we do it like this" ". This project consists of monographic exhibitions about the services and projects carried out by each of the entities that are part of the CERMI Galicia, and aims to give visibility to people with different capacities, at the same time as the associative movement can tell in a more exhaustive way the work we do.

So, from 1 to 23 September , you can visit the exhibition of the Federation Alzheimer Galicia and its thirteen associations, which will have 19 photographs of the most outstanding projects launched by the associative sector of Alzheimer in recent years. This exhibition will be located in the space of the pyramid of the building of the Xunta de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela.

XVI Interdisciplinary Conference of FAGAL

XVI Interdisciplinary Conference of FAGAL
This year the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia celebrates the XVI Interdisciplinary Conference of FAGAL , training sessions in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias that brings together personnel from the Galician associations and professionals from the socio-health sector and dementia research.

This formative activity will take place on June 9 , from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Faculty of Psychology of Santiago de Compostela. More information in:http://fagal.org/en/xvi-interdisciplinary-conference-fagal-0

Presentation of the Manual "Social Work in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias"

Presentation of the Manual "Social Work in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias"

Taking advantage of the fact that this is the month of Alzheimer's, and just like last year, the Alzhéimer Galicia Federation organizes the presentation of the Manual "Social Work in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias". This manual was prepared by the Working Group of Social Workers of FAGAL, created in 2016 and made up of professionals from the Galician associations.

The purpose of this manual is to be a reference for social workers in the socio-medical area specialized in dementia, and to unify criteria in the care and intervention of people with Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative dementias as well as with their relatives.

This presentation will be made in the week of World Alzheimer's Day, on Wednesday, September 20 at 17h in the Sociocultural Center of the Ensanche, in Santiago de Compostela. The authors of the manual and the president of FAGAL, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, will attend.

II Solidarity Walk of FAGAL

II Solidarity Walk of FAGAL
This Second Solidarity Walk will take place on Saturday, September 16th. Just like last year, we will take the last section of the Way to reach the Space of Memory, in the Park of Bonaval. This walk, although the main audience is the caregiver families and members of our associations, will be open to the general population, who can join this activity and complete with us the approximately 4 km that separate the starting point of the route of the Space of the Memory.

The activity will begin at 11am at the Monument to John Paul II, located on Gozo Street. Attendees are requested to be present in this area at 10:30 am to explain the route to be performed and the schedules for the event in the Park of Bonaval.


The walk will have a duration of 5.5km and it is estimated that it will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes, crossing the following streets of the city: Rúa das Estrelas, Camiño San Martiño de Aríns, Avda Fernando Casas Novoa, Rúa Miguel Ferro Caaveiro, Rúa San Lázaro, Rúa Valiño, Rúa das Fontiñas , Rúa Fonte dos Concheiros, Cruce de Lugo, Rúa dos Concheiros, Rúa de San Pedro, Travesa de San Pedro, Rúa do Meio and Rúa de Bonaval. The entrance to the Park will be made by the side entrance located in that street.

This year the first stretch of the Walk is modified due to the works being carried out in the Ponte de San Lázaro Street, which prevents the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, so the duration of the Walk will be greater.


After the Walk, an event will be held in the Space of Memory, located in the northern part of the Bonaval Park, an event that will have the presence of political figures and members of the Board of Directors of the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia. The act is set for 13h.


Registration can be done for free by calling 981595121, at administracion@fagal.org or at the following form


Press Conference for World Alzheimer's Day 2017

Press Conference for World Alzheimer's Day 2017
Press conference to present the 2017 World Alzheimer's Day campaign, which will take place at the Auditorium of Afundación in Santiago de Compostela, at 12am. During the event, the campaign will be presented by the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia to commemorate this date, which this year has the motto Remember who I am . Likewise, the activities organized by both the federation and the associations that compose it during this month of September will be announced. As every year, the representatives of the federation will explain the claims that are being made at the Galician level, which this year wants to emphasize the defense of the rights of people with alzheimer. Finally, it will be the presentation of the Dementia Research Network of Galicia (REGIDEM), a project launched by several research groups working in this field in Galicia. In the act will be present the president of the Federation Alzhéimer Galicia, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, and members of REGIDEM.


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