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Collaboration Agreement with Alzhéimer Portugal

Alzheimer Portugal

The Federation Alzheimer Galicia signed on June 9, 2018 a collaboration agreement with the Associação Portuguesa de Familiares e Amigos dos Doentes de Alzheimer (Alzhéimer Portugal) with the aim of establishing the bases by which the collaboration between both entities will be governed for the start-up and development of measures to advance the care process for people with neurodegenerative dementia and their families.

Both entities are committed to participate and actively collaborate in the activities and projects that are agreed to establish and that will be routed, in general terms, to:
  • Exchange of information on the profile and needs of the group of people with neurodegenerative dementia and their families.
  • Promote collaboration between professionals of both organizations to promote mutual knowledge in all areas that are considered of interest.
  • Exchange specific training in the area of neurodegenerative dementias, and attention to caregivers among the technical and managerial staff of both entities.
  • Promote timely alliances for the design and development of joint programs and projects that meet the strategic objectives of both entities.
  • Advice and shared work in the design and implementation of active and healthy aging programs, both specific for healthy people and for people with neurodegenerative dementia and their families.
  • Look for formulas to improve the quality of life of the people targeted by the object of this agreement, through resources, strategies and intervention methodologies accommodated and adapted.
  • Develop actions that promote the visibility, participation and inclusion of people with neurodegenerative dementia in community programs and services.
  • Collaboration in the activities / training sessions, awareness and information that are launched from any of the parties involved in this agreement, facilitating the participation of the specialist professionals of both entities and their respective member entities that are part of this framework agreement , in order to promote its activities, services, vision and philosophy.
  • Promote the implementation of as many research and innovation activities as they deem appropriate in order to better understand the current situation and the evolution of people with neurodegenerative dementia that age.
  • Promote the preparation, publication and dissemination of materials (awareness, dissemination, manuals of good practices, recommendations, ...) that are considered appropriate for any of the groups of recipients of this agreement (people with disabilities, families, health professionals, professionals of services,…).
  • Promote the joint search of resources that improve the quality of life of the finalists of both entities and who join their missions, visions and values.
For more information about the work of Alzheimer Portugal: http://alzheimerportugal.org/pt/


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