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The Federation Alzhéimer Galicia claims the rights of people with alzheimer's and their caregivers in their campaign for World Alzheimer's Day

  • FAGAL presented this morning its campaign for World Alzheimer's Day, in which it emphasizes the person affected under the motto "Remember who I am".
  • Next Saturday will take place the central event with the celebration of the Second Solidarity Walk in Santiago de Compostela.
  • The event served to publicize the project of the Galician Network for Dementia Research supported by the federation.

The Federation Alzhéimer Galicia (FAGAL) presented this morning at a press conference its campaign for World Alzheimer's Day, which claims the need for recognition of the rights of people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers . Under the motto "Remember who I am" , the federation also wants to emphasize the importance of defending the dignity of those affected and the automatic recognition of 33% disability > at the time of diagnosis.

The president of FAGAL, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, stressed that the person with alzhéimer "remains the same, what changes is his condition," in reference to the motto used this year by the federation. He also wanted to point out other needs that FAGAL has been demanding for a long time, such as the implementation of a Transversal Strategy for Dementia Care in Galicia and the declaration of the Alzheimer's as public health priority < strong> in the Galician Health Service

On the other hand, the researcher Carlos Spuch, released the Galician Network for Dementia Research (REGIDEM) , which was born as a collaborative and multidisciplinary research effort in dementia, and includes actors in the field of basic research, clinical and social groups. The promoter of the project wanted to emphasize that "the future for an early detection or an alzheimer's cure goes through research", referring to one of the claims of FAGAL, which calls for greater support in this field.

Solidarity Walk

FAGAL took advantage of this event to present the campaign launched last September 1 to mark World Alzheimer's Day, under the motto "Remember who I am".

Next Saturday, 16 the federation and its associations organize the Solidarity Walk , which will cover the 5.5km that separates Monte do Gozo and the Space of Memory, in the Park of Bonaval, in Santiago de Compostela, beginning at 11 o'clock in the morning. Registration is open on the phone 981595121 and on the web www.fagal.org

On the other hand, on 20 September FAGAL will present the manual "Social Work in Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative dementias" , prepared by the professionals of the Galician associations. Also, on 21 September, the most emblematic buildings of the main Galician cities will be illuminated purple in support of the fight against Alzheimer's.


Through social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) FAGAL encourages people to follow and support the campaign under the #RecordaQuenSon hashtag, posting a photograph of the person they do not want to forget by imitating the poster of the campaign. Also, for those people who do not want to publish their own photograph, a downloadable template with the campaign photograph will be available on the website to support it.

Linked to this, a video made on the occasion of this campaign, which had the disinterested collaboration of various professional actors, is available on the YouTube channel and on the federation website.


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