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Problemas de memoria
Working Group on Dementia

Guide for Caregivers

The present book aims to be more than a guide for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients ; it is a book voluntarily , reflecting the interests of a whole group of prized employees

Probably wonder: how a book can feel like your own? And if you have, ¿will it?

The guide for caregivers of Alzheimer FAGAL want to be a work that not only inform and guide but to serve as a link between our employees and you , the reader / a . Do you want to be a living entity that evolves with the changes going scientific, technical and social? It wants to establish a dialogue with you, hear your criticism and respond to it with appropriate modifications. What you do not want to be is more a guide, written by authors distant in time and space to the reader / a hardly can access.

Our authors are there at your fingertips. The topics covered in the Guide can be addressed directly to these professionals anytime. Here lies the will of our guide and its main feature: pretend to be a written document that not only inform, but to encourage dialogue with our technical team and collaborators.

InFAGAL feel that this is our guide, prepared for us to try to be closer to you.



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