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Working Group on Dementia

Intergenerational Awareness

According to the WHO, neurodegenerative dementias can be defined as a syndrome (usually chronic or progressive) characterized by impaired cognitive function (ie, the capacity to process thinking) beyond what could be considered a consequence of aging normal. The WHO states that 60% of dementias are caused by Alzheimer's disease.

Given the high impact that the diagnosis of neurodegenerative dementia has on the family, the Federation Alzheimer Galicia and the Barrié Foundation launched the Net Umbrella Alzheimer Program in 2013 to reinforce solidarity between Members of families by fostering intergenerational relationships between the elderly and the younger.

This intergenerational project has as its main objectives:
  • Present and bring the reality of older people to the youngest in society.
  • To make known the rights of people with dementia and their relatives.
  • Show the importance of a balanced distribution of care for the elderly with dementia.
  • To present the work carried out by professionals of the associations, both with persons with dementia and with their relatives and / or main caregivers.
In order to carry out this project, in an initial phase activities were started to target different groups of students of educational centers, adapting the content of the same to their age:
  • 10 and 11 years: Assistance to the play "A special grandfather"
  • 12 and 13 years: Screening of the animated film "Wrinkles"
  • 16 and 17 years: Conference given by a dementia specialist
At the end of each workshop, a didactic unit is carried out in order to explain symptoms and signs of the disease to reinforce the intergenerational dialogue with their parents and grandparents and to link the whole family in mutual care. In a third phase and with the objective of knowing directly the work and services, the students approach the associations of relatives of people with dementia.

In the following video you can see a short summary of this intergenerational project launched since 2013 in collaboration with the Barrié Foundation:

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