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Problemas de memoria
Working Group on Dementia

Questions about Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease causes a severe deterioration in the individual's life that leads often to a total and absolute dependence of the patient with the people who surround him. This need for care that does day by day, minute by minute, no primary caregiver causes a change in your life; it often forgets him and the social world in which it lives.

The Department of Health is aware of this and the importance of work and somehow, I would approach them putting in their hands a useful, simple and practical, with the recognition of their efforts. The book QUESTIONS AROUND THE ALZHEIMER intended as an aid for family members and caregivers of the sick and for health professionals and social services. Questions revolving around the disease , its causes , treatment, the situations in the care , aid and legal issues that have been developed by professionals and family with the intention of responding to the concerns of people who are living , directly or indirectly , the causes of this disease.

From here our thanks to all the people who collaborated in preparing this contribution to a better knowledge of the disease and , in particular, to associations of families for their efforts to disseminate information about the daily reality of these patients.

José María Hernández Cochón
August 2003


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