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Working Group on Dementia

What is FAGAL?

FAGAL is the Federation of Galician Associations of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer's and other dementian, is a nonprofit organization that was born in 1998 from the merger of several associations of relatives of Alzheimer's patients.

Nowadays FAGAL is composed for 13 associations that exist in Galicia. totaling more than 5,000 families , and provide multiple services through 260 health professionals. Moreover FAGAL is the reference entity in Galicia in the field of Alzheimer's and other dementias .

At present FAGAL develops its own programs based primarily on release and training for families of patients with some dementia. Moreover gives coverage and coordinate some of the programs that are carried out in the associations federated:

  • Day treatment centers
    • From the public network in Pontevedra, Vigo, Moaña, Lugo, Ourense, Ribeira and Ferrol
    • Own: A Coruña, Ferrol, Santiago de Compostela…
  • Service support and welcome the people affected.
  • Information and advice on social resources.
  • Service of home help.
  • Legal advice.
  • Self-help groups.
  • Home stimulation program.
  • Home physiotherapy.
  • Advice on functional adaptations.
  • Physiotherapy group.
  • Individual psychological care for relatives.
  • Individual physiotherapy treatment for families.
  • Adapted transport.
  • Advice on functional adaptations.
  • Design and dissemination of exhibitions and educational.
  • Training workshops for families and professionals.
  • Training workshops of memory and early detection.


  • To represent and be the voice of all of Associations of Relatives of Alzheimer Galicia, in the questions that are federated competition.
  • Promote the development and fulfillment of the purposes of the associations integrated FAGAL.
  • Defend the rights and the fulfillment of the duties of the various associations federated, notwithstanding legitimization corresponding to each of them.
  • To provide all the associations federated advice and assistance on issues related to the ends of the Federation.
  • Promote actions aimed at improving the situation of families and better attention to patients.
  • Claiming the authorities and public organisms to create a support infrastructure (psychological, home help ...) to the families and continuous care, comprehensive and interdisciplinary to the sick.
  • Complain creating specific centers for the care of these patients.
  • Promote implementation by Public Administration gives a census of existing Alzheimer's patients in Galicia.
  • Develop awareness activities regarding the social problems that this disease causes.
  • Collaborate with other similar organizations, provincial, regional, state or another country, involving all or part of the purposes of the Federation, on those issues that are of mutual interest.


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