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Working Group on Dementia

XVII Interdisciplinary Conference of FAGAL

This year we will be celebrating the 17th Interdisciplinary Journeys of FAGAL, which are formative sessions centered on Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative demen, which will take place in Santiago de Compostela's psychology faculty.

This sessions will be headed for sociosanitary health professionals and dementia field - related investigators. In this ocassion we'll be counting with relevant national and international professionals, most notably Stefanie Freel (OMS consultator) and Pat McLoughlin (Ireland Alzheimer Society's CEO), among others who will make these conference a quality meeting where people will be able to share experiences and actuation models regarding the dementia topic on other countries.

We'll be counting with practice-oriented seminars centered in the various fields that compose the work with people with dementia and their families. Being this, María Fraile (Occupational Therapist and Music Therapist) will address the importance of non-verbal communication, and María Eugenia Fernandes will tell us about indicators of quality into the models of actuation of each association.


The registration period will remain open until April 24. More information in the email adminsitracion@fagal.org and in the telephone +34 981 59 51 21


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