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"Augusta" database

In honor of the woman who donated her brain to science and thanks to whom we discovered what we know as Alzheimer’s disease, the database Federación Alzhéimer Galicia is developing to have a real register of affected people and their caregivers is named Augusta.

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In order to give a better assistance and intervention in Galicia and, also, due to a lack of a census of people with neurodegenerative dementia, Federación Alzhéimer Galicia is developing a database called “Plataforma Augusta” (Augusta Platform) that helps collecting information of the profiles of people with dementia and their families from federated associations. By collecting this data, there will be reports for the first time in Galicia, with the number of people in care, divided by genre, age, location, marital status, dementia type, services they are using, caregivers’ profiles...

Funding: Fundación José Otero-Carmela Martínez and Caixabank

Implementation period: Year 2019