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The registration period for DIVULGAMENTE workshops, promoted by the Fundación Barrié and Federación Alzhéimer Galicia, is now open.

Galician High Schools and FP educational centers of the social health branch of the towns of A Coruña, Viveiro and Pontevedra may register


Divulgamente is an intergenerational awareness project framed in the Program "Red Paraugas Alzheimer's" carried out by the Fundación Barrié in collaboration with the Federation Alzheimer Galicia since 2013. Its objective is to show in a close and dynamic way the dementias and how they affect the brain, bringing the reality of this disease that affects nearly 100,000 people in Galicia.

This year, due to the health crisis derived from COVID-19, most of it will be carried out electronically, but it will continue to maintain the same essence: bringing dementias closer to the younger population and promoting intergenerational relationships between both groups.

The activity is aimed at students of High School and Profesional Formation of the social health branch and this year it will take place in A Coruña, Viveiro and Pontevedra. The talk "Knowing Alzheimer's better" will take place in December (date to be agreed with the centers) and the rest of the phases will take place in the first quarter of 2021.

The three phases of the project are:

  • Informative talk in online format "Knowing Alzheimer's better", given by the neurologist Carlos Spuch, who will explain, in a dynamic and contextualized way in the current health and social situation, what dementias are, why they happen and what is the difference between the different types of dementias, among other topics.
  • Classroom awareness is the second phase of this project, in which professionals from the reference association come to the educational center (if it is not possible to carry out the activity in person, it would be carried out online) to explain the activities , therapies and protocols that are carried out by associations to delay the progression of the disease and improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer's disease and their families.
  • Finally, and to close the circle, the students will make a Virtual Visit to an Alzheimer's center through a live telematic connection to know first-hand the activities that are carried out, being part of them during the visit.

Registration can be done through https://fundacionbarrie.org/formulario-inscripcion-divulgamente-2020-21 until December 4, 2020.

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