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FAGAL suggests progressing in the care model in nursing homes

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, FAGAL suggests a small community-oriented nursing home system that prioritizes social profit and the rights of the people served


The current health and social crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is having an important impact on elderly people. The effect of this virus has a special and worrying impact in nursing homes, where coexistence of a high number of people at higher risk of infection in small spaces stops effective implementation of containment and prevention measures.

Given this situation, Federación Alzhéimer Galicia wants to clarify that this situation shows a reality that we have been perceiving for a long time: the current model of residential care, based on big centers where care is based on general services for all its residents, without paying attention to the characteristics and needs of each person, can be improved and doesn't meet all the needs of this current society.

The alleged efficient resource management that implies the gathering of people in these centers clashes with an appropriate assistance to answer any health emergency situations like the one we are currently living.

That is why we propose a change in the current residential care system to one that is small community-oriented in which prevails social benefit over economic benefit and it has a care model focused on the person, paying attention to values like dignity and the rights of the person being served.

Years of experience in our associations support the model we are proposing as well as our commitment and cooperation to create a society that is responsible with elderly people.

That is the reason why, from our organizational and service structure, formed by more than 300 professional from the health care and social sectors distributed throughout the entire region of Galicia, we want to express our willingness to fight against all the effects of this pandemic and to help creating a care model in line with the necessities of our elderly people and meeting the values of their rights.

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