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FAGAL gives a speech about the role of the asociations in the mental health of the elderly people

This presentation was made by Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Isabel Gey Pérez, president and vice president of FAGAL, and it was addressed to a group of students of the USC Degree in Medicine

04/05/2020 | Santiago de Compostela

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez and Isabel Gey Pérez, president and vice president respectively of the Galician Alzheimer Federation, gave a talk to the students of the “Geriatric Psychiatry” subject of the Medicine Degree of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The presentation was online through the 'Zoom' application and lasted approximately 50 minutes.

Under the title "The role of Self-Help Associations and Mental Health Caregivers (the perspective of FAGAL)", this talk sought that future doctors know and value the importance of collaborating with organizations that are part of the field of care to mental health problems that the elderly or people with dementia may present.

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