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FAGAL carried out a training course on COVID-19 and safety measures for working with elderly

The training was given by Marta Cao Cancelas, AFAMO nurse, and it was attended by more than 150 workers from the Federation and associations


28/05/2020 | Galicia

During May 28, the Galician Alzheimer Federation carried out the training course "Safety measures for working with the elderly during COVID-19", focused on the disease and on the safety measures recommended by the authorities health services when they work with elderly people in their homes.

This training day arose from the need to know the resources available when the associations work with elderly in a safely way in their homes due to the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, and be able to continue providing care for quality to the users of the Galician Alzheimer's associations.

The course, free for the staff of the fifteen associations belonging to the Galician Alzheimer Federation, was given by Marta Cao Cancelas, AFAMO nurse, who explained in a clear and pleasant way all the health recommendations in relation to the coronavirus and affected the coloration and withdrawal of the PPE to make good use of them and thus protect the people with Alzheimer's with whom we work. In addition, the training covered the following points:

  • Presentation by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, president of FAGAL
  • Introduction and presentation of COVID-19 and its main characteristics and symptoms.
  • How to protect yourself from COVID-19?
  • Tips for Caregivers. This section showed what resources should be used when working with older people and the steps we must follow for their correct use.
  • How should I act if I have symptoms?
  • How should I act if I have been in contact with someone with COVID-19?
  • Tips when getting home.
  • Question time.

The course, which was held through the 'Zoom' application, was attended by more than 150 workers from both the Galician Alzheimer Federation and its fifteen associations.

From FAGAL we want to thank Marta Cao's work and the great reception of the training by the professional team of the participating associations.



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