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The Galician Alzheimer's Federation launches the campaign for World Alzheimer's Day 2020: 'Weaving network, weaving memories'

“Weaving network, weaving memories” is the slogan chosen for this year, in which the main event will be a photographic exhibition on September 19th at the Quintana square in Santiago de Compostela

03/09/2020 | Santiago de Compostela

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has produced an unprecedented stoppage in Galician society, involving very serious consequences for people with neurodegenerative dementia, and by extension for caregivers, who made use of the centers and stimulation therapy units.

For this reason, the Federation and their associations have maintained their activity as far as possible, where continuous monitoring with families and users has always been their main priority. As stated by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, president of Galician Alzheimer Federation, “dementia, Alzheimer's, does not stop. We cannot allow the routines and stimulation activities so beneficial for delaying the progression of the disease to be paralyzed”. On this line, through video calls, telephone follow-up, sending cognitive stimulation activities, videos of functional activities and stimulation at home, we manage to continue weaving network, weaving memories.

World Alzheimer's Day 2020 is about this continued work that the network of Alzheimer's associations in Galicia has been doing since always, but with more efforts if possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, the slogan chosen for this year is "Weaving network, weaving memories", seeking to show the importance of the continued work carried out by the network of associations for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of users and families in this exceptional situation.

The main event of this year will be a Photographic Exhibition that celebrates this daily work carried out by the 15 Galician Alzheimer's associations to continue valuing this idea. This exhibition can be visited by all interested persons during Saturday, September 19, at Quintana Square in Santiago de Compostela. In addition, during that day, a connection will be made with all the associations, recalling the joint celebrations of past years, where the Federation's claims for this year will be exposed.

In addition to the main event, informational videos about Alzheimer's disease and about the functions of the Federation have been published on social networks every week since August, which help us to bring our work closer to more people.

Finally, if you are a relative of a person with dementia, a caregiver or simply interested in participating in this year's World Day campaign, you can also do so. We propose two different ways:

  • Share a photo of someone with dementia close to you doing any exercise or activity that helps improve daily life and is part of their routine. Also, you can explain why this activity is good for the person and how it helps them.
  • Printing the poster that we attached (you can find it on the right margin of the World Day 2020 website, in the Related Materials section) and taking a photo with it.

Once you have the photographs, you can share them on your social networks, adding the hashtag #TecendoRecordos so that together we can continue to weave a network.

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