FAGAL | Federación Alzhéimer Galicia


The federation’s extraordinary General Assembly with all federated organizations took place on September 28th

The assembly was marked by the concern about the attention projects for people with dementia 

30/09/2019 | Santiago de Compostela

In this assembly, the entity’s management board, led by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, was supported unanimously by all federated associations that validated the developed work in the last years, promoting its continuity.

Among other issues, the assembly showed concern about resource reduction implied by the current call for public interest programs for social purposes, with charges to tax allocation of 0,7% of PIT of the Consellería de Política Social (Ministry of Social Policy), which reduces the resources from daytime care projects which implies significant damage for programs that associations for family members of people with a neurodegenerative dementia in Galicia have been developing for years with a high number of beneficiaries.

The assembly also showed concern about the elimination of Juntos En Los Cuidados (Caring Together), the federation’s program with the Consellería de Política Social, through which training activities were carried out for caregiver families from Galicia's rural areas. These activities were given since the year 2011 and more than 1,600 families benefitted from them.  In addition, the creation of work groups and the implementation of new programs were developed.

Because of this situation, it was agreed that the management board would request a meeting with the Consellería de Política Social to deal with these issues, with the purpose of boosting a strong commitment with people with neurodegenerative dementia and their families from the autonomic administration.

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