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Federación Alzhéimer Galicia participated in the 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference in the Netherlands

The entity introduced a poster about specialized day-care centers on Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative dementia in Galicia from the public network


31/10/2019 | La Haya

The 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference took place from October 23rd to October 25th. This time, the Netherlands was the  country that hosted this forum for discussion and exchange of strategies to boost and improve comprehensive health care and social assistance in every European country for people with Alzheimer’s and their families as well, with the ultimate goal of getting prevention on dementia and the treatments to be a priority in public health plans all over Europe.

Federación Alzhéimer Galicia wanted to be there, not only for the significance of this type of events that spread the word on the entity's work, but also to learn first-hand about lines of work and strategies on dementia research and care contemplated on a European level.

In addition, FAGAL actively participated on the presentation, by our president Juan Carlos Rodríguez, of a poster titled “PUBLIC NETWORK OF DAY CENTERS SPECIALIZED IN ALCHEIMER’S AND OTHER NEURODEGENERATIVE DEMENTIAS.”


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