FAGAL | Federación Alzhéimer Galicia

Why donating?

Federación Alzhéimer Galicia was created in 1998 with an specific goal: joining forces with all existing associations in Galicia to get more and better resources, more studies to research future Alzheimer and neurodegenerative dementia treatments and to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s as well as their families’.

FederaciónAzhéimer Galicia is today a reference entity on a Galician and national level in dementia care. Being a consolidated, strong organization with 20 years of experience allows us to do an essential job of social and political impact that makes implementing measures and setting up resources by public administrations possible, but sometimes that is not enough.

The average cost per year of a person with Alzheimer’s or any other neurodegenerative dementia in advanced stages amounts to 20,000€. This has, without a doubt, an important impact on any family’s economy, placing them in a position of risk of social exclusion.

FederaciónAlzhéimer Galicia’s work has also been focused on an essentialfield over the years: awareness. This aims to educate people on Alzheimer's and to provide information and training to family members as well as younger generations. It's important to educate on prevention keeping in mind that it is a disease that, despite all the years of research, its origin and its cure are still unknown. 

People, and especially the value of teamwork, are the most important part of FAGAL’s foundation. Now we need you! Thanks to your contribution we can support our projects (link a proyectos) that are already underway , projects for the families, for the person with dementia, for professional training, for a comitted society strengthening program for associations, and we can create new ones too.

Besides, if you donate you get the chance to access to a tax deduction.

If you are a natural person:

75%        first 150€ 

30%        after the first 150€  

35%        if you have donated the same amount or more in the previous two tax seasons.

If you are a legal entity:

35 %        if you have donated the same amount or more in the previous two tax seasons.