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Fundación Botín awards participant entities from the VIII edition of Talento Solidario

The awards ceremony took place at the Fundación Botín headquarters in Madrid on October 24th

31/10/2019 | Madrid

A total of 13 third sector organizations that participated in the VIII edition of Talento Solidario (Humanitarian Talent program) by Fundación Botín were awarded for their involvement in the program.

On October 24th, Isabel Gey, vice-president of Federación Alzhéimer Galicia, was responsible for accepting the award, but only after thanking the opportunity granted by Fundación Botín. The two-year-program provided knowledge and internal growth that helped, among other things, drawing future guidelines for the federation through the development of a strategic plan.

Federación Alzhéimer Galicia appreciates the trust and daily work Fundación Botín does to boost social action organizations.

Talento Solidario is a program by Fundación Botín aimed at boosting and invigorating professionalization of the third sector by:

  • Internal strengthening: helping small and medium organizations to redefine and improve internal management processes, providing training, strategic advising... with the objective of being more efficient and getting a bigger social impact and innovation.
  • Including external talent.
  • Encouraging collaborative network: through workshops arranged to produce synergies, to align efforts and to multiply results. This way, selected entities take part in the Talento Solidario network, currently formed by 240 social organizations from different sectors


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