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The Galician Alzheimer Federation pays tribute to people with dementia and their families on the World Alzheimer's Day

Quintana Square hosted, on the morning of Saturday, September 19, a photographic exhibition that shows the work carried out by the network formed by the fifteen Galician Alzheimer's associations

25/09/2020 | Santiago de Compostela

Because of the celebration of World Alzheimer's Day, the Galician Alzheimer Federation held a photographic exhibition in the Quitana Square. Under the name ‘Weaving network, weaving memories’, it shows the work carried out by associations so that people with dementia receive the best care and treatments to improve their physical and cognitive capacities.

In this way, we could find from photographs with different exercises that improve daily life skills (how to button a shirt or make a loom), to assisted therapy with animals, and also the use of new technological elements such as tablets or the realization of physical exercises.

This event was attended by different political authorities, such as the Councilor for Social Policy, Fabiola García, the Director General for the Elderly and Disability, Fernando González Abeijón, the Deputy Director General for Assistance Planning and Innovation, Alfonso Alonso, and the Mayor of Santiago de Compostela, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, among others. Juan Carlos Ródriguez Bernárdez, president of the Alzheimer Federation, spoke with all of them to show them the problems that currently control people with dementia, their families and day centers, since many of them continue with their doors closed due to the health crisis and restrictions in the different regions.

The exhibition, which was very well received by both the inhabitants of the city and the pilgrims who was walking throught the streets, also featured an information table where the attendees could find out about the disease, as well as being able to buy different books. Interested people could also write their best memories, those they would not like to forget, and add them to our network. In addition, they could also view the video made for the occasion, which can also be seen on our social networks.

Finally, from the Alzheimer Galicia Federation we want to thank Cree Cotte, the Quintana bar, the Coworking Campus Stellae and the Cathedral of Santiago for their collaboration.

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