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The Parliamentary Group of the Partido Popular met with the Galician Alzheimer Federation to talk about future projects

At the meeting, the Federation presented its proposals for the development of a transversal strategy for dementias that the popular representatives valued positively

09/07/2020 | Santiago

This meeting, which took place in the Parliament of Galicia, was attended by the Regional Minister for Social Policy, Fabiola García Martínez, and Deputee Encarna Amigo Díaz from the Popular Parliamentary Group, and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Bernárdez, Isabel Gey Pérez and José Manuel Fontela Redondo, President, Vice President and Secretary of the Galician Alzheimer Federation respectively.

The Federation gave them the presentation dossier of the entity, which details the trajectory, implementation and programs developed by the associative network of relatives of people with neurodegenerative dementia, and they were proposed future projects such as the Autonomous Dementia Plan, the development of therapeutic units of associations or develop programs of therapeutic units at home to keep people as much as possible in their environment and placing great emphasis on the importance of prevention.

At the meeting, the representatives of Partido Popular considered the importance of developing initiatives in the care of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias in Galicia, valuing the proposals as very positive and committing to develop them.

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