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The photography contest “A memoria nos camiños” has a winner

Following the judges’ deliberation, on December 20th, the photography that won the contest was announced. In the picture, Xose Cuns posed with the Alois located at Monte do Gozo at the charity walk from last September

08/01/2020 | Santiago de Compostela

“A memoria nos camiños” was a project carried out as part of the Xacobeo 2021, in which Alois, Federation Azlhéimer Galicia’s logos, were placed on strategic points along the Camino de Santiago with the collaboration of our 15 organizations. These devices had information about the federation, dementia on that same area and information related to the relevant association. People was encouraged to participate in the photography contest with the purpose of drawing more attention to the associations’ work.

The photography contest had a great reception among neighbors, visitors and pilgrims who would approach the Alois, read the information and decided to participate, not only because of the contest and the prize but, also, to spread the word and resulting social visibility of Alzheimer’s disease.

The judges acknowledged the challenge that it was choosing a winner picture because of the number of participating photos (more than 20) and also the quality of these.

In the next weeks, the prize will be awarded to the winner, which consists in a recipe book and merchandising from the last World Alzheimer’s Day.

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