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Federación Alzhéimer Galicia’s situation considering the health crisis caused by COVID-19

The organization's centers as well as their activities have been suspended due to the current health crisis. However, advice is still being given so that people with dementia and their families handle this situation as good as possible. 

20/03/2020 | Galicia

Given this situation of health emergency caused by COVID-19, we want to inform you about the real situation in Federación Alzhéimer Galicia and our 15 associations.

The federation is still working online, giving support to the organizations on everything they need and keeping a continuous communication channel to update on legal news, as well as spreading dissemination material from official bodies and also developing its own material related to advising to help families with people with dementia in their homes. 

The 15 member organizations from Federación Alzhéimer Galicia remain closed and their in-class activities are still suspended, following the measures taken by the Xunta de Galicia on the Diario Oficial de Galicia (DOG nº49-bis, on March 12th of 2020) (Galicia's Official Newspaper), but they still give online assistance to member families, either through phone calls and video calls or though the enabled email addresses.

In addition, other entities are carrying out new initiatives to endure this situation too, recommending various exercises to do at home so elders remain active. These are some of the initiatives:

  • In the Colegio de Terapia Ocupacional de Galicia (Galicia’s Occupational Therapy School) they give you a new activity every day. You can access by clicking here.
  • List of physical exercise videos to do with elderly people. You can access by clicking here.
  • Book with cognitive stimulation exercises to print. You can access by clicking here.
  • Recommendations for quarantining with a dependent family member. You can access by clicking here.
  • Recommendations so that people with dementia remain active. You can access by clicking here.

Lastly, we want to remind you the importance of following health authorities’ recommendations and stay at home in the next weeks since elderly people belong to risk groups. To get updates, you can check the following links:

From Federación Alzhéimer Galicia we keep regularly updating our reports to share with you new initiatives so we can go through this difficult period in the best way possible.

You can also follow us on our social media accounts to be updated and see the content we share from our organizations and other associations as well.

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