FAGAL | Federación Alzhéimer Galicia

Social influencing

Social influencing is key to draw attention to Federación Alzhéimer Galicia's work. This influence must be seen from two different point of views: social and political. The main purpose is creating change in this society through proposals that favor, in this case, the provision of resources and actions for Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative dementia care.

In this last years, Federación Alzhéimer Galicia has contributed in the following aspects:

On a social level:

  • Drawing attention and raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease for the general population, with special interest on the younger population, through cross-generational projects.
  • Participating and taking part in entities related to the third sector to bring in the necessities of the demands of Alzheimer organizations. That's how we take part in a work group formed by different entities that strengthen this task. These entities are: CEAFA (Spanish Confederation for Family Members of People with Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias), CERMI - Galicia (Spanish Committee of Representatives of Disabled People in Galicia) and EAPN - Galicia (European Anti-Poverty Network in Galicia).
  • Participating in national and international forums presenting the work methodology in Federación Alzhéimer Galicia and showing projects successfully executed in our country.
  • Arranging its own training days that encourage building relationships between different countries.