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The Federación Alzhéimer Galicia XVII Training Days highlighted the answer of WHO to dementia and nursing through the Irish National Dementia Strategy.

Jesús Vázquez Almuíña, Conselleiro de Sanidad, was in charge of inaugurating this event that gathered more than 200 professionals on dementia in Galicia



Throughout this event, a collaboration agreement was signed between the federation and the Consellería de Sanidad (Ministry of Health), which earmarks 64,000€ to actions of information and support for caregiver families.

On Saturday, Federación Alzhéimer Galicia held the XVII edition of its training days which gathered in the Faculty of Psychology of Santiago de Compostela more than 200 professionals on dementia from Galicia and abroad.

This training event was inaugurated by Conselleiro de Sanidad (Minister of Health) Jesús Vázquez Almuíña, joined by the president of FAGAL Juan Carlos Rodríguez and the spokesperson Sara Ruiz Salado. The head of the autonomic department showed the support of the Ministry to Alzheimer associations and encouraged them to keep developing new ideas to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.

The answer of WHO to dementia and the Irish National Dementia Strategy

This XVII edition of FAGAL's Training Days started with an approach to the answer of the World Health Organization for dementia, with consultant Stefanie Freel, who provided clues for strategy designing that allows positioning Galicia as a referent in dementia care and intervention on a national level.

Besides that, attendants learned first-hand about the work carried out by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland through its CEO Pat McLoughlin. Apart from encouraging experience exchange between our projects and the ones being developed in Ireland, this meeting helped creating bonds for future collaborations.

Nonverbal communication, quality indicators and the organization's job.

María Fraile, occupational therapist and laughter therapist, addressed, on a more practical section, the significance of nonverbal communication between social and health workers and people with dementia, encouraging us to pay attention to our tone and body posture while learning how to read other people's postures. Separately, María Eugenia Fernandez Montilla, auditor, gave the keys to treading the path of excellence regarding to management quality, looking for the implementation of quality indicators in the organizations.

There was enough time to make the work developed by Galician Alzheimer associations public too. On this occasion, 6 associations showed their work. First, Martina Ferradás and Rocío Romero from AFAMO told their experience collaborating with the city council to introduce early diagnosis workshops and how this meant a growth in their intervention network. Then, Nerea Rey was in charge of presenting AFACO’s cross-generational project “El camino por la memoria” (The path for memory) which consisted in doing some stages from the Camino de Santiago with younger generations and doing activities with elderly people in every village with the reference association from that region. On the third place, Gonzalo Soliño from HALAGA presented a revision of different group accompaniment interventions with caregivers/families. Fourthly, Andrea Álvarez from AFAOR showed cognitive impairment prevention workshops taught by the entity. On the fifth place, AFAL FERROL’s project “Maestros y aprendices de la vida” (Teachers and apprentices in life) was showed by Rita Touza and Silvia Tendrán. And lastly, María Luz Vázquez and André Espiñeira from AFACHAN showed a musical composition workshop.

Closing ceremony

Once again, this year's training days ended leaving room for art, in this occasion by musicologist Xavier Blanco, who showed his experience of years working with people with dementia through poor instruments made out of daily items and, also, combining flawlessly culture and traditional Galician music.

María Blanco Aller, head of Social Policy in the area of A Coruña, alongside FAGAL's president Juan Carlos Rodríguez and its spokesperson Sara Ruiz Salado, was the one in charge of closing this XVII edition.

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